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Ganesha is the Indian god of wisdom and prosperity. He is noble, kind, and has large ears to everyone's pleas. Play Ganesha's game and obtain his favor!

1. Pick up a gem from Ganesha's altar. Take an additional adjacent gem if you have a gem of that color in your Destiny slot.

2. Place gems on your Destiny tile: in one of the two Destiny slots or in your Treasury.

3. Sacrifice a gem from your Treasury to move all gems of hte same color from your Treasury onto the Mandala to score points.

4 Destiny Tiles
3 Mandala Boards
1 Ganesha's Altar Board
1 Scoring Track
4 Player Pawns
60 Gems
1 Gem Bag
1 Ganesha's Drum Token
8 Spice Tokens
1 Rulebook

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