Wooden XIA Board Game Organizer by Smonex
XIA organizer compatible with all expansions of the game
XIA plywood inserts by Smonex require assembly and fit into the original box.
The storage box intended for credits and damage storage.
Eco-friendly wooden DIY storage container for XIA adventure game
Smonex storage box for XIA has separate compartments for all the items of the game.
XIA container is perfect for organizing all of the Xia game components
Convenient blocks for storing different kind of elements of the XIA tabletop game
Wooden XIA organizer includes player mat, organizers, trays, boxes and other accessories for the board game.

Xia Organizer Made of Wood - Compatible with Board Game All Expansions

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We are happy to offer you all-in-one storage box for your XIA board game!

  • SUITABLE FOR Xia base game and ALL expansions (Xia: Legends of a Drift System, Xia Legends of a Drift System Sellword, Xia: Print and Play Mini Expansion, Xia Embers of a Forsaken Star, Xia: Missions and Powers). Smonex storage box will perfectly fit your favorite game! Its stylish design will enrich your gaming experience and definitely catch the eyes of your gaming group members! All the elements of our organizer are functional. You can use them in the game process.
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. We use only the highest quality materials for our storage inserts: plywood and acrylic. Our organizers are sturdier and at the same time 30% lighter than other products of this kind. Our Xia storage box includes blocks with acrylic lids for storing various game elements like cards, markers, stands, tokens, marks and etc. Our Xia storage container will keep your favorite game safe for years! The stained plywood will protect the game components from water and other external effects.
  • TIME-SAVING. Our Xia organizer will help you to speed up your game session. Save up to 30 minutes of each session by having all the parts of your tabletop game well-organized.
  • REQUIRE ASSEMBLY.  You will definitely enjoy the entertaining process of assembling your organizer with your own hands. No matter if you’re a DIY fan or not, you will find the process extremely easy – just follow the instructions you find in the box! You will need glue for assembly. GLUE IS NOT INCLUDED. PLEASE BUY IT SEPARATELY!
  • PERFECT GIFT. Our organizer will be a wonderful gift for your beloved gamers. It will leave a great impression on any Xia fan. Smonex storage box is designed in a beautiful color matching the cosmic style of the Xia board game. 


The box includes 13 elements with acrylic inserts

  • 4 x ship shelter tiers for ship miniatures 
  • 1 x cardholder for ability cards, title cards, NPC cards, mission cards 
  • 1 x credits and damage container with acrylic insert for cubes and markers 
  • 1 x storage box for sector tiles
  • 1 x Xia box for ship mats
  • 1 x token board
  • 1 x exploration block with acrylic insert
  • 1 x resource tray
  • 2 x outfit boxes with acrylic inserts

XIA game is not included and sold separately

    Enjoy your game with Smart One Box organizers!

    XIA Board Game Organizer Instruction: DOWNLOAD

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    Fantastic insert and keeps everything very organized!

    Shawn Setelin

    Xia Organizer Made of Wood - Compatible with Board Game All Expansions


    Love the products and the customer service of Smonex!

    Great insert. Well worth the money.

    Great organizer. A little hard to put together and it will take patience�s but once together one of the better insert I�ve seen. The manufacturer has really thought of everything for example sleeved cards all fit in the card holder without running out of room and not fitting tight. Second I have laminated all of my ship dash boards and they fit in the holder with plenty of room for more. No slop in the box just a great fit. Can�t say enough about this product.

    I will throw out this caution though be careful with the acrylic tops they fit tight but do loosen up a bit but are still snug so your pieces don�t fall out, but I did put a small crack in one of them when putting them on but once done they look great.

    Superb, Worth Every Penny

    If you are interested in this item at all, buy it. You will not be disappointed. I took my time with it, followed the directions and the result is more than satisfying. Very sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and engineered with precision. The instructions recommend Titebond 2 or Beacon 527 wood glue so go get some while you wait for your delivery :) I poured the glue onto a paper plate and used a cheap craft brush to apply it to the parts. You will need a hammer for some very light tapping at certain stages of the build. You don't really need clamps, just the included rubber bands and some heavy books will do. The coin section holds 30 coins total so even if you have the 2000 credit ones they will all fit. I am really impressed with this insert. (EDIT) I recommend a Threadlocker for the screws that act as a hinge for the Ship Shelters. I used 245 Blue. Yeah, it's a project-but your Xia is worth it :)