Gloomhaven organizer compatible with the base game and Forgotten Circles expansion.
Smonex storage container to safe the setup and cleanup time
How to store Gloomhaven board game
Organizer made of high quality materials
The Gloomhaven organizer with 4 character boxes.
Wooden boxes to store Gloomhaven minitures, cards and tokens
Gloomhaven storage box to organize your gaming space.
All in one Gloomhaven cardholder fits sleeved cards
Gloomhaven board game organizer box
DIY Glooomhaven organizer requires assembly

Gloomhaven Organizer Made of Wood - Compatible with Base Game and Forgotten Circles - Brown / Gray

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We are happy to introduce you our best-selling wooden Gloomhaven organizer box!
  • TIME-SAVING ORGANIZATION. Our Gloomhaven inserts will allow you to safe up to 35 minutes of your party time! It will help you organize and easily store your game. All the organizer’s components can be used during the RPG session to safe your gaming space.
  • SUITABLE FOR the Gloomhaven strategy board game and its Forgotten Circles expansion. Our cardholder will fit to all of your cards, including the ones with premium protectors up to 80 microns and sleeved cards. Mind that some cards are used once during the game and should not be sleeved. The Gloomhaven inserts by Smonex perfectly fits in the original box (the backlash is 1”), so no need to look for more storage space! We’ve made it with care for our customers to safely keep all your game elements organized in one place.
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. The storage box is made of birch plywood with acrylic covers. We use only highest quality materials to ensure that our inserts will serve you for years. Though our organizer weights less than other counterparts, it’s still strong enough to protect your game from any outer damages. Our Gloomhaven inserts are hand-painted in wonderful brown or gray colors – you can choose the one you like most! The organizer contains 4 player’s boxes for each participant of the game. You will also enjoy our monster tray: it has a removable acrylic cover to protect the monsters miniatures from falling out and mixing up and the names of all the monsters are engraved on the top of the lid for more convenient usage.
  • REQUIRE ASSEMBLY. Start your fascinating journey to the Gloomhaven world with building up your organizer with your own hands! The time it will take you to assembly the organizer is nothing compared to how much time our storage box will save in future setup and cleanup. The box includes detailed and simple assembly guide to follow each step of building up the organizer. Glue is required for assembly. GLUE IS NOT INCLUDED. PLEASE BUY IT SEPARATELY!
  • PERFECT GIFT for the Gloomhaven fans! It will be suitable for any occasion – be it Birthday, Christmas or any other holiday. Your beloved gamers will definitely appreciate your attention and care!

Assembly tips:

  • Please follow the instructions while assembling the organizer
  • Take the acrylic coverings from both sides of the acrylic pieces before the assembly (please do not use sandpaper or anything that can scratch the covering).
  • To assemble each tray you need a wood glue for extra strength.
  • Please make sure you assembled each tray correctly before gluing it together.
  • Put the acrylic lid in its place on the tray before the glue completely dries to ensure the tray doesn't get too tight.
  • You may fix the box with rubber bands after gluing it. This will save you time and simplify the assembly.
  • Leave your finished insert overnight to dry completely.

The box includes 18 elements:

  • 4 x functional Player boards
  • 1 x Big Overlay Tile tray with acrylic cover
  • 1 x Overlay Tile tray with acrylic cover
  • 1 x Premium Monster tray
  • 1 x Summon token tray
  • 1 x Status token tray
  • 1 x Attack modifier cardholder
  • 1 x Cardholder with acrylic covers
  • 1 x Stand tray
  • 1 x Coin Holder
  • 1 x Damage tray
  • 1 x Objective Token tray
  • 1 x Character tray
  • 1 x Monster stat tray
  • 1 x Map tiles tray

Enjoy your game with Smart One Box organizers!

Gloomhaven Board Game Organizer Instruction: DOWNLOAD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Chris Flora
So much quicker to start playing!

The organizer really makes the time-to-start-playing soooo much faster. The time-to-clean-up is also significantly faster. It does take some time to assemble everything, and a couple of the pieces are really tricky. But once it’s done, it really works great. The only thing I’d like to see added is a sheet showing how the Smonex boxes fit into the game box. I made one myself and glued it to the top of the Gloomhaven box - I’m sure we’ll remember it soon but until then it’s really useful.

Amazon Customer
This does take a while to assemble if you do it correctly, but when done you will love it.

Glue each section, wait for it to dry, make sure cover fits before you let it dry. I used clamps to hold it together while it dried so it took me 1 day per section. So 7-8 days I think I did not even try to rush it as I just took my time. I build models for games so it was not hard and I do it very perfection to make sure it works well. Covers have plastic protectors and you can peel them when done. Instructions seemed forward, but I can see if you are not used to it you can get confused as to which end points which way. Also which game item goes in which slot.

I absolutely have to agree this is a great product.

Yo, dawg! I heard you like lots of pieces!

I like the overall fit and finish of the product. It is a serious commitment to assemble, and 5 hours is a pretty good estimate of time involved. The organization advantages of the product make it more likely that we will continue to play Gloomhaven and play more often because we aren't making looking for all the little bits in a dozen different plastic bags.

Things I liked: All of the wood pieces fit together well with only a small amount of warping on some of the very long side strips. I also like how almost everything is labeled or has an intuitive design so all of the game pieces find their place pretty quickly and easily. Assembly was straight forward with no real skill requirements, patience though is a virtue. Once everything was glued and dried, all the game components fit into their assigned places and fit the box pretty well considering how much extra material went back into it.

Things I would improve: more acrylic inserts for monster actions so each creature type has its own divider. I would like a larger instruction manual. The pictures were sometimes a little difficult to decifer, especially on the more complex modules like the monster box. More and longer rubber bands. some of the big trays had me worried I was going to bust a band stretching them to put tension a corner joint, and the player boxes could use two or three bands each when you're putting those together.


The quality of the item is fantastic. Assembly requires glue, felt that should have been more apparent during the ordering process, but ultimately the quality of the product speaks for itself.

You will need glue

Glue is required for some parts. Overall this is a good organizer, but some parts aren't very stable even when glued.