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RPG dice rolling tower made of plywood
Dice rolling tower with interchangeable inserts
Removable inserts with RPG designs
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Dice tower made of wood and acrylics
Wooden DnD dice tower
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Wooden Dice Tower with Dice Tray and 3 Removable Inserts for Dungeons and Dragons and other Role-Playing Games

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Make your games more atmospheric with our Hand-crafted Wooden Dice Tower!

  • GREAT DESIGN. Our spiral dice tower combines both convenience and absolutely unique design that carries the atmosphere of the game. The multilevel construction, 3 falling paths and interchangeable insert design increase dice torsion and hits on the walls which guarantees maximum randomness for your game. The sound of dice falling down through the tower is a real delight for your ears. Once you hear it, you will not stop but dropping it over and over again.
    The 3 removable inserts have Dragon, Dice and Beholder designs.
  • SUITABLE FOR DnD / D&D / Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Call of Cthulhu, Magic: The Gathering, Nemesis, Starfinder, Star Wars, Infinity, Shadowrun. Dice rolling tower by Smonex is great for all the dice games.
  • HIGH FUNCTIONALITY. The tower will not disappoint you functionally. It is solid and easy to use due to the special binding lock that prevents the two parts from falling apart. The tray will prevent your dice from falling all over the place – no more dice rain on the floor! It also has a dice storage section which will help you organize your gaming accessories. Our tower is compact and can be placed in the tray to safe space. It’s portable, so you can take it anywhere.
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. Smonex Dice Roller Tower is made of high-quality materials: birch plywood combined with acrylics. Our wooden dice tower is not a one-off thing. It will serve all of your gaming needs and be treasured for years.
  • READY TO USE. You don’t need to assemble our dice tower on your own – we’ve already done all the job for you! Our hand-crafted dice tower kit is ready to become a perfect gift for board games lovers, because once you get it – the game starts!


Dice Tower specifications:

Height - 8.3 inch (207 mm)

Width - 4.6 inch (118 mm)


Dice tray specifications:

Height - 1.2 inch (31 mm)

Size - 6.5 x 7.1 inches



Birch plywood combined with acrylics glass.


It fits standard dice up to 25 mm size.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Beautiful and use it weekly

My boyfriend and I got this primarily due to his 25mm metal dice. This tower works great. Its absolutely beautiful. I have 0 complaints with this tower.


Got this for my son who is a big DND fan. He loved it ! He has not used it in a game yet but will next weekend. He's really excited to try it out .

Carl Simard

Wooden Dice Tower with Dice Tray and 3 Removable Inserts for Dungeons and Dragons and other Role-Playing Games


Absolutely gorgeous and amazing customer support. Cant recommend them enough.

a very good dice tower

As an avid board gamer, this is exactly what I needed. Good quality and packaged well.