Wooden monster life counters by Smonex
How to assemble wooden monster stands for Gloomhaven / Made by Smonex
Assembled Monster Stands for Gloomhaven Board Game
Wooden DIY Monster Stands compatible with Gloomhaven
Monster live counter for Gloomhaven board game
Wooden monster stands by Smonex is a perfect complement for the Gloomhaven organizer
Gloomhaven Monster Stands to enrich your gaming experience.
Set of 19 Monster Stands by Smonex
Set of 24 wooden monster stands by Smonex

Gloomhaven Monster Stands Made of Wood - Monster Live Counter Compatible with Gloomhaven Board Game

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  • TIME-SAVING. Improve your Gloomhaven inserts by adding our unique Monster health tracker. Our products will let you speed up the gaming process and make it more convenient.
  • PERFECT FOR Gloomhaven role-playing game and its Forgotten Circles expansion. Also will be suitable for Frosthaven and Jaws of the Lion. Our Monster stands are intended to carry the monster figures. Moreover, they can also hold the effect tokens that were applied to your monster. The wooden Monster standees by Smonex will definitely enrich your gaming experience!
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. We make our Gloomhaven health trackers of eco materials of top quality: birch plywood. Our monster figures holders are way more convenient and sturdy than its equivalents. Our stands will as well allow you to keep track of injuries of the rivals your character withstands during the session – just turn the disk in any direction you need.
  • REQUIRE ASSEMBLY. Our monster holders are extremely easy to build! Usually no glue is required. Sometimes you may add a tiny drop of glue if you want to make them even sturdier. The Monster health trackers by Smonex will substitute for the base game standees and take some of the statistic cards functions. Each set contains both normal and elite versions of our Gloomhaven monster stands. Normal and elite standees have different colors, so you won’t have any troubles with distinguishing them.
  • PERFECT GIFT for tabletop game enthusiasts and owners of Gloomhaven storage box by Smonex. Our monster standees will be a wonderful supplement for your wooden organizer! Choose the best set for you and let the game begin!

Our team has created the sets of 19 OR 24 pieces of Monster game stands.
The box includes:
- 5 x Elite Monster stands with gray basis
- 14 x Normal Monster stands with brown basis


- 10 x Elite Monster stands with gray basis
- 14 x Normal Monster stands with brown basis

Enjoy your game with Smart One Box accessories!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews

The stands are really nice and convenient, as others have mentioned the enemies don't fit as snug as they do with the in box stands which can get annoying when moving them around but other than that they're perfect. I had an issue where my order got lost in the mail but the seller took care of me and sent out another, great customer service! I would definitely recommend buying from this shop


Work great, easy to assemble.


They are a little tight and will need to be sanded so that they do not damage the pieces they hold.


love these! #1 item for making play simpler and more fun. took some work to assemble, but now monsters, summons, trees, pillars all look beautiful and it's clear at a glance how close they are to inevitable death :)

Maxime Baudry
Less practical than expected

Nice quality, but the stands are too loose : all the monster/statut I put on the stands will fall if I move it. The HP tracker is nice, but I didnt think about it, it quickly gets annoying to take the standee to remove one HP, imagine when fighting ooze + wound. I think these standees are terrible to "setup" quicker (as in applying the effect of an action during the round), but they're great to analyse the game when you're choosing your cards.