Wooden game organizer for Scythe (base game), Scythe expansion - "Invaders from Afar" and all promo cards.
Scythe board game organizer will safe up to 30 minutes of the set up and cleanup time.
Smonex storage container made in style of Scythe game will fit into the original box.
Scythe wooden inserts by Smonex will fit all of the game components.
Smonex storage box will fit any kind of cards, including premium protector/sleeved cards.
Scythe storage box is made only of high quality materials.
 Scythe storage box will organize your gaming space.

Scythe Board Game Organizer Made of Wood - Compatible with Base Game, Invaders from Afar Expansion and Promo Packs

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Organizer for Scythe Base Game, Invaders from Afar Expansion and Promo Packs

  • TIME-SAVING. Save up to 30 minutes of your gaming session. It only takes about 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes to clean up the game with our storage container.
  • SUITABLE FOR the strategy board game Scythe (base game), Scythe expansion - "Invaders from Afar" and also for all promo cards. All the elements of the organizer are functional. You can use them on the table during the party. The insert fits to cards with premium protector and sleeved cards.
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. Only high quality materials are used for our storage boxes. Stained plywood combined with acrylics will protect your game from external effects. Our organizers are lighter than its counterparts. At the same time, they’re really strong and durable. Scythe storage box will fit all kinds of cards, coins and game components.
  • GREAT DESIGN. We’ve designed our storage box to match the atmosphere of the Scythe game. The organizer is hand painted in a wonderful color that will enrich your gaming session. All the covers have marvelous laser engravings for each fraction.
  • REQUIRE ASSEMBLY. Do you like DIY projects? Then our organizer is just for you! You will definitely enjoy assembling it with your own hands like a puzzle. Each box contains detailed instructions to make the process easy and clear. You will need glue for assembly. GLUE IS NOT INCLUDED. PLEASE BUY IT SEPARATELY!
  • PERFECT GIFT for tabletop game lovers for any occasion – be it birthday, Christmas or any other holiday. Or just make an unexpected present for yourself – you will be delighted with our Scythe organizer!

The box includes 18 components:

  • 7 x different fraction trays with acrylic covers
  • 2 x resource trays
  • 1 x coin tray
  • 5 x different cardholders with acrylic inserts
  • 2 x map holders
  • encounter tiles box with protective lid

Board game is not included and sold separately.

    Enjoy your game with Smart One Box organizers!

    Scythe Board Game Organizer Instruction: DOWNLOAD

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews

    This fits together easily. The acrylic parts are beautiful. Fits perfectly in the original box and makes setup and teardown fast. Particularly love that you can place the card boxes directly on the board. Definitely cleans up the game.


    Excellent insert with acrylic that keeps pieces in place if/when box is stored vertically. Significantly reduces setup and tear down time.


    Great organizer. Everything fits very nicely.


    I am very happy with this organizer. It looks good and helps to more quickly set up and put away the game. Also, this was my first time assembling an organizer, and the process was somewhat intimidating at first, but everything went smoothly. Though, it did take a while as a first-timer. I assembled everything in three separate sessions that totaled about 4 hours. Also, I found toothpicks to be more helpful for applying the glue than cotton swabs, but the cotton swabs were still helpful for wiping away excess glue. Thank you so much for this great product!

    Takes time but worth it!

    Fits base game, Invaders from Afar and Map Extension perfectly, and lid fully closes! Gluing all the pieces and removing the plastic film is very time consuming but the final product looks great!