1. What materials are organizer components and accessories made of?

Our products are made of high quality birch plywood and acrylic glass.

2. Where are the organizers made?

Our production is located in Europe, Belarus. The entire production process is accompanied by highly qualified specialists under the supervision of engineers responsible for the development and high-quality production of new organizers models and board games accessories.

3. What tools and additional materials may be needed to build my organizer?

You will need: Wood-glue (We recommend Titebond 2 Wood Glue or Beacon 527), Stationery knife, Hammer, Cotton swab, Hairdryer.

4. Why do acrylic parts look cloudy and/or worn?

The fact is that acrylic glass is covered on both sides with a special film to protect it from scratches and dust during production and transportation. You just need to remove this film and you will see the flawlessness and transparency of this material.

5. What taxes are paid when purchasing organizers and accessories?

When buying, taxes are paid in accordance with the laws of your state. These may include state, county and municipal taxes..

6. In which countries can I buy Smonex products?

The main sales market is the entire territory of the United States. For most European countries our products are available as well. The most up to date information on shipping is here.
We try to expands our sales markets. If you would like to purchase our organizers or accessories and are not sure about your country, contact us through the feedback form here or email us at info@smonex.com.

7. Where else Smonex products can be purchased?

Our products can also be purchased at amazon.com and etsy.com.

8. Will there be organizers for new and not entirely new, but popular games?

We constantly monitor the demand for board games organizers and accessories. We test games to make sure that organizers are really needed, and also analyze which organizers are not enough on offer. Of course, we follow the latest in the world of board games. We are a young company that is just beginning its journey, but we have big plans and the appearance of more and more new products in our assortment is simply inevitable :)

9. Can I offer suggestions for development?

Yes, you can send your offers to info@smonex.com and we will gladly consider the possibility of their implementation and production.

10. Are Smart One Box products safe and environmentally friendly?

Our products are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials only. You have nothing to worry about! Just have more fun with your favorite board games!

With love, yours Smonex team! Smart One Box for your board games.