RPG dice storage box with laser cut engraving
Compact box for storing dice
Wooden D&D dice case with magnets
Dice storage box made of wood and acrylics
Wooden storage box with Dice design
Dice case with strong magnets
Board games dice box made of wood
Wooden RPG accessories with laser cut engravings
Dice design storage box for 2 sets of dice

Dice Box for Dungeons and Dragons and Other Roleplaying Games - Hand-Crafted Wooden Dice Vault - Dice

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No more lost dice with our Hand-Crafted Wooden Dice Storage Box!

  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. Our dice case is made of high-quality materials: birch plywood combined with acrylics. It will become your perfect dice organizer and will protect your dice for years. The top cover has really strong magnetic clasps on it that will protect your dice from falling out.
  • GREAT DESIGN. Our dice holder has a beautiful design matching the atmosphere of the game. It will definitely catch the eye of every member of your gaming group. Our dice storage box will be a beautiful accessory in every gamer’s room!
  • APPROPRIATE SIZE. Our dice case is compact and portable, but at the same time it can fit from 10 to 15 regular dice!
  • READY-TO-USE. You don’t need to assemble our dice holder on your own – we’ve already done all the job for you! All you have left is to put your dice inside of it!
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY DICE & GAME. RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars and many others – our dice case will be perfect for any game you play!
  • PERFECT GIFT. Our hand-crafted dice storage box is ready to become a perfect gift for board games lovers. It will definitely leave your fellow gamers jealous!

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