All-in-One Wooden Organizer for Fallout Board Game with New California and Atomic Bonds Expansions
Fallout storage inserts made of wood
Wooden Fallout storage box for New California and Atomic Bonds Expansions
Fallout board game cardholder made of plywood
Wooden Fallout organizer with laser-cut engravings
Miniature stand for Fallout board game
Fallout wooden token tray for game storage
Wooden organizer for Fallout tabletop game
Fallout cardholders for sleeved cards
Fallout game organization and storage solution

Fallout Board Game All-in-One Wooden Organizer Compatible with New California and Atomic Bonds Expansions

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We’re thrilled to introduce you our new all-in-one organizer for Fallout board game with New California and Atomic Bonds expansions!

  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. We used only the top quality plywood for our Fallout organizer. This makes it more durable and strong than its counterparts. At the same time, we’ve designed our storage inserts to be light and compact. It fits the original box and doesn’t require any extra storage place.
  • SUITABLE FOR Fallout board game with New California and Atomic Bonds expansions. Our Fallout case will become your best way to store your favorite board game! It consists of 12 trays and holders to improve your gameplay. All of your tokens, cards and miniatures will have a separate box, so that nothing gets mixed up. All the parts of our organizer can be used during the game – they will hold all the game elements at your hand and will let you minimize the space needed for a session. The storage box is hand-painted in a marvelous green color that will enrich the game’s atmosphere. The wonderful engravings are not just a decoration, but a convenient indicators that will help you organize the components of the game.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN. We’ve created our Fallout storage box with the idea of convenience. Each part of it is designed to save your time carrying all the game pieces without mixing them up. We’ve added a super convenient cardholder where your cards will be numbered with the engravings on the holder’s side. The mini cardholders have useful dividers with engraved indicators. The cardholders will fit all of your cards, including sleeved cards and the ones with premium protectors. Our Fallout inserts also includes a sturdy character stand where your miniatures will be conveniently displayed. Please note that there is a specific place for Mister Handy miniature with a special recess for his hand.
  • REQUIRES ASSEMBLY. Let your dive to the Fallout universe begin with assembling your organizer with your own hands! Don’t worry about doing something wrong! Each box contains a thorough assembly guide that will make it extremely easy. Please mind, that you will need glue for assembly. GLUE IS NOT INCLUDED. PLEASE BUY IT SEPARATELY!
  • GREAT FOR GIFTS. The ideal Fallout storage inserts by Smonex will become the best present for all game lovers! They will definitely feel the love and care we’ve put in each detail. The all-in-one storage box by Smonex will become the star attraction of each game session! 

Assembly tips:

  • Please follow the instructions while assembling the organizer
  • Make sure to remove the protective covering from both sides of the acrylic pieces. Use a hairdryer for easier removal of it if necessary. Just heat the acrylic surface a little to remove the covering much easier! Be gentle with acrylics.
  • To assemble each tray you need a wood glue for extra strength.
  • Please make sure you assembled each tray correctly before gluing it together.
  • Put the acrylic lid in its place on the tray before the glue completely dries to ensure the tray doesn't get too tight.
  • You may fix the box with rubber bands after gluing it. This will save you time and simplify the assembly.
  • Leave your finished insert overnight to dry completely.


The box includes 12 elements

  • 2 x Map Tile Holders 
  • 2 x Wasteland and Settlement Cardholders 
  • 2 x Mini Cardholders 
  • 1 x Cardholder
  • 1 x Character Stand
  • 1 x S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and Caps Token Tray
  • 1 x Trait and Quest Token Tray
  • 1 x Pegs and Dice Tray
  • 1 x Power and Enemy Token Tray

Fallout game is not included and sold separately

Enjoy your game with Smart One Box organizers!

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Customer Reviews

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As described

Fits Fallout board game and expansions perfectly in one box.

Excellent organizer

I tried assembling the largest major pieces using wood glue as recommended and I found it fussy with having to constantly wipe to get rid of excess glue. This is probably caused by my inexperience assembling these things with the bottles of wood glue commonly available. This left glue under the elastic bands that I then had to sand off later when it had dried.

Based on the amount of sanding I had to do I decided to try an experiment and bought some superglue designed for wood assembly. I fully assembled each remaining component using rubber bands to hold them together and then applied the glue relying on capillary action for the glue to seep into all of the joints. This meant that there was at most about 30 seconds of working time for each piece before the glue set, after that it wasn't possible to move any piece. This worked out for me given that the components were fully assembled before I started gluing. I wore nitrile gloves that allowed me to smooth over the glue before it set without having it sticking to my skin. There was much less glue to sand away after I let everything set overnight. A light touch with a sanding block on each surface was more than enough.

The reason I went with superglue is because I couldn't figure out how to hold the terrain hex tray uprights in the correct position until the wood glue set without them possibly not being upright and the hexes not fitting. I could only think of doing it one upright at a time manually using a superglue with its short setting time. For me the superglue worked out really well as I could hold the upright at right angles to the base until the glue set. That takes only a few seconds.


I had some questions going into my purchase and the customer service was fantastic and prompt! Definitely a must for quick setup and tear down.


Its beautiful and functional, with lightning fast shipping.

Amazing Organizer with Few Drawbacks

I just got the Fallout Board Game the other week, but I absolutely hated how there was a bunch if empty space and nothing to organize all the pieces! Luckily for me I was able to find this product which, albeit felt a bit pricey, is definitely worth it.

The process of putting everything together went pretty smoothly overall. It wasn't any more difficult than putting together other organizers like this (I've got some for painting minis). The biggest grip I had when putting mine together is that one of the tabs that was suppose to go into an insert for the dice tray needed to be sanded down. It only took a few minutes using the sandpaper they provided (a bit of a perfectionist here so might take you less time). Also when reading the guide there were a few spots I got confused because I didn't catch on until half way that the non-darkened zones of the sheets were for use in the provided diagram. I'm just use to things being greyed out as the "selected" pieces.

The only other thing that bothered me is that there is really no designated space for the health/xp/rads trackers, but I understand and they are big enough not to lose easily anyway. A lot more space gets taken up by adding these organizers in so I'm amazed at how well it worked out in the end at all. No bulging from my box!!!

I cannot wait to pull the game out again knowing I don't have to go crazy going through plastic bags just to throw it all back into them! (I had multiple baggies but still enough is enough ??). Enjoy and if yours comes with too many defects I would say as always reach out to the manufacturer first and see what they say. Bad reviews should include any communication process you attempt! It helps everyone.