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Wooden notebook with dice engraving
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Wooden RPG Notebook with 80 Refillable Pages - Gray Dice

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Smonex RPG campaign notebook binder is created to help gamers keep all of their gaming notes in one place.

  • COMPACT AND FUNCTIONAL. Our A5 gaming journals are compact, but still able to fit everything you need. All of your notes and drawings will be organized together in the way you need. Our notebooks are perfect as a backstory or diary, character journal, campaign notebook. You can take notes for tracking inventory, drawing terrain, game maps and more. The notebook binder can not only be used for tabletop games notes, but will become a perfect planner for anything: you can use it for work, studies or even as a recipe book. It’s perfect for anything you need to write down.
  • 2 TYPES OF PAGES. Our dual RPG notebook contains both lined and graph pages, which allows you to take any kind of notes: you can write, draw and make tables with the necessary statistics.
  • Refillable pages. Once you run out of space – just add some more. There’s always enough space for a new game! You can add or extract pages and change their order anytime.
  • DURABLE HARDCOVER. Our hand-crafted journal’s cover is made of a high-quality plywood. The wooden hardcover will protect your gaming notes for years! Our notebooks are hard to break even during an extra-emotional game.
  • AMAZING DESIGN. We make our engraved wooden binders in various designs matching the atmosphere of your favorite game – Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu or any other game you prefer. Choose the design you like and enjoy the game!
  • PERFECT GIFT. Smonex campaign journal is a perfect gift for any tabletop games lover! Show your beloved gamers that you care!


Smonex wooden RPG campaign notebook binder specification:

Cover: made of plywood with laser cut engravings

Filling: 80 blank sheets 8 x 5.7, inches (A5)

Mount: 4 metal ring binder


Hardcover unfolds 360 degrees.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Cant wait for my next purchase!


Great quality! Matches the description and pictures perfectly and came with coasters which I wasn't expecting.


This notebook is great quality, and I am excited to get into it every time I look at it. I failed to notice that this was a 4-ring notebook instead of a 6-ring. Smonex gave me information on switching the "spine" of the rings. However, I found it practically impossible to find a 6-ring replacement where the hardware lined up with the holes from the 4-ring piece. I decided it was easier to get an adjustable hole-punch to do either 4-or 6-ring punches, and to purchase paper refills that don't come pre-punched. The lined paper is on the left side of the notebook and the graph is on the right. Being right-handed, I find it difficult to write on the lined paper, and the graph lines are uncomfortable to use for writing. I'm going to flip the papers upside-down and hole-punch the other side so that the lined paper is on the right.