Dungeons and Dragons dice tray with storage sections
Mars color dice tray for role-playing games
Wooden dice tray with 3 removeable inserts
Multifunctional dice tray for board games
Wooden RPG accessories with laser cut engravings
Dice tray made of wood and acrylics
DnD gaming accessories made of wood

Wooden Dice Tray for Dungeons and Dragons and Other Board Games - Mars

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Roll the dice with our new wooden Dice Tray for tabletop dice games!

  • GREAT DESIGN. The wooden dice tray by Smonex is designed to perfectly fit your favorite game. Our rolling tray is compact and stylish. Its beautiful color will definitely enrich the gaming atmosphere. The tray has 2 interchangeable engraved inserts to match your games. The dice tray will match other RPG accessories by Smonex.
  • SUITABLE FOR DnD / D&D / Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, Call of Cthulhu, Magic: The Gathering, Nemesis, Starfinder, Star Wars, Infinity, Shadowrun. Dice rolling tray by Smonex is great for all the dice games.
  • HIGH FUNCTIONALITY. The tray will not disappoint you functionally. Our dice rolling box combines its unique design with convenience. It will prevent your dice from falling all over the place – no more dice rain on the floor! The storage section will help you organize your dice in one place while you don’t need them.
  • DURABILITY AND QUALITY. Smonex Dice Roller Tray is made of high-quality birch plywood combined with acrylic. Our wooden dice arena is not a one-off thing. It will serve all of your gaming needs and be treasured for years.
  • READY TO USE. You don’t need to assemble our dice tray yourself – we’ve already done all the job for you! Our hand-crafted dice roller box is ready to become a perfect gift for board games lovers, because once you get it – the game starts!

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Customer Reviews

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Amazon Customer
Great, if a bit wobbly...

This dice tray is great, I love the three compartments to hold my dice sets and the tray inserts (esp that dragon insert). My only complaint would be that the d20 insert is uneven, and it occasionally wobbles when I roll dice on it. Otherwise I just wanna show it off to my friends!!!